Service Parts Q & A Training Download
    • Q 1:Why the toe spring is higher than the original sample?
    • A: 1. When place the original sample in the shoe last scanner, the front holder is pressing the toe too hard and deform it. Loosen a little when place the original sample.
      2. The holes on the original sample are too big.
      3. The knives of shoe last production machine are worn.
      4. Check the parameter of cone on both scanner and production machine.
    • Q2: The sole curve of different size of original sample don’t match the measure card, but the same size matches?
    • A: 1. Make sure the card is correct.
      2. Check the parameter of grading. Instep correction shouldn’t be much.
      3. Don’t adjust the Raise Position.
    • Q3: The keyboard doesn’t respond?
    • A: 1. Unlock the keyboard.
      2. Make sure the keyboard cable is properly connected then restart computer.
    • Q4: Some parts are not reached during finishing process?
    • A: 1. The distance between roughing tool holder and finishing tool holder has changed. Adjust it according to the parameter in system. Ankle is not reached means the distance is too short. Toe is not reached means the distance is too long.
    • Q5: Same size of original sample, but the ankle is smaller?
    • A: 1. The sample is not well placed in scanner. Need to be tightened up a little.
      2. Air pressure of scanner is too strong.
      3. The gap of sliding track of Axis A of scanner is too big.
      4. The bearing of Axis C of scanner need to be adjusted or need to be replaced.
      5. The knives of production machine are worn, need to be replaced.
    • Q6: Same size of original sample but the outer side of instep is fatter?
    • A: 1. Check the parameter of production machine. Make sure KF2 is 7.
      2. Check the original sample, make sure the scanning wheel can reach the profound of the curve of outer side of instep.
    • Q7: Outer side of shoe last is not smooth?
    • A: 1. The screw nut of bearing of feed screw of Axis X is loosen.
      2. Make sure the original sample is smooth.
    • Q8: The sound is strange when roughing?
    • A: 1. The belt of roughing tool holder need to be tightened up.
      2. The five knives on the same tool holder are of different weight, causing centrifugal effect. Check and replace if necessary.
      3. The knives are not sharp enough.
      4. Voltage is low due to the ageing of wires or other cause.
    • Q9: The graphic of scan result look 20-30 cm bigger than the original sample?
    • A: Axis A didn’t go through the Home procedure. (Normally the coordinate is 106 when it’s home.)
    • Q10: A deep cut appears suddenly during production, the server alarms and the machine stops?
    • A: 1. The speed is too high.
      2. Check the alarm on server and solve the problem according to the alarm code.