Service Parts Q & A Training Download

  • 1、 Planning
    We provide complete solution for planning the whole factory. Customer can reduce cost and lower the risk right at the early stage.

    2、 Proposal
    We present practical proposal according to customer’s goal. With a ultimate goal, we divide the whole plan into different stages to lower the risks of investment.

    We provide training before delivery. So the operator can be well prepared even before the machine arrive their facility.

    Our experienced service team would install and adjust the equipment in customer’s facility. With the detailed test files, we make sure the equipment are in best status.

    5、 Administration
    We also provide training to management of the factory to show them how to administrate the operator and the equipments.

    6、Stay put
    In order for the customer to adapt the new system, we send professionals stay in customer’s facility to guide the operator and management through for 1-2 weeks.

    7、Remote assistance
    We understand that customers lose money every minute the equipments breaks down. So we provide online video service. It allows us to communicate with customers directly and be able to solve 90% of problems on software and 80% problems on hardware.

    8、24 hours on call
    We provide 24 hours service so our customers can reach us at any time.

    We set up a “4 grades service protocol” to provide 4 different sets of service to customer(including scheduled maintenance, check and software upgrade).

    10、Scheduled training
    We provide schedules training course for customer’s new operators to make sure they are capable of making full use of the equipment.

    11、Replacement and parts
    We have online order service for purchase of replacement and other parts. Through express delivery, the customers can receive the parts they need in short time.

    12、Financial support
    We offer financial leasing to qualified customers to reduce their pressure of funds flow. (Only available for customers in mainland China.)