Design Award winner Core Tech
  • :EMMA’s unique CNC mathematical technique works 30% faster than similar products in the market, increase the work efficiency.
    EMMA´s unique power saving technique saves 35% energy than similar products in the market.
    EMMA´s unique nesting technique saves 90% time of work and increases 3%-6% the utilization ratio when compare to manual nesting.
    EMMA´s unique format converse technique. Is compatible with major CAD software in the market.
    EMMA´s unique recognition technique with touch screen. Can mark the defects and zones of different grades on leather. Finishing nesting on a 60 sq feet leather in 4 minutes.
    Special technique for cutting multiple layers of soft material such as PU, micro fiber, lining material, fabric and textile. Can cut multiple layer material of maximum 10mm, the thickness of material adsorbed by vacuum.
    A new multiple-core Cloud technique created by EMMA. 2-4 times faster than inesting, Increase 6%-10% of utilization ratio so to decrease cost.