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In some's eyes,

it's just leather, a material.

In the eyes of Emma's founder,

it's the last shine from the animal's life.

In some's eyes, it's just industrial waste, In the eye's of Emma's founder, it's the profit thrown away.

心怀梦想  责任在肩
Have dreams and responsibilities

Increase the value of the life of the animals by getting better yield for each piece of leather and to reduce industrial waste by increasing the yield for synthetic material to further ease the burden of mother earth, is the career worth pursuing for my whole life.

Founder/CEO: King Wang

EMMA'S vision

To create a world-class company with international competitiveness,Lead the sustainable and healthy development of fashion manufacturing

EMMA'S mission

Provide the best products and services with the wisdom of the entire staff.

Make the manufacturing of the worldwide fashion industry easier and contribute to the good life of humankind and the healthy development of society.

EMMA'S purpose

We can only create new products that are customer-centred and valuable services with rigorous learning, leading technology and reliable quality. Obtain survival and development

space in the fierce competition through the global sales service network.

EMMA'S spirit

Be precise and enthusiastic;

Focus on the goal with full attention;

Win with full dedication and systematic planning.

EMMA'S core values

Customers first, employees second; Team work, share both burdens and benefits;

Innovation is the soul, speed is the key point of victory; Be open minded, knowledge empowers people;

Take responsibility and be initiative; Self-discipline and long-termism;

Improve continuously and pursue excellence; Work efficiently and live happily.

EMMA Manifesto

Though invisible, it is infinite. It transcends the concepts of time and space as well as those of individual, group and nation.

EMMA culture system will communicate our thoughts, connect our hearts, coordinate our behavior and exchange our knowledge. EMMA culture system will make us become an impregnable cultural whole.

EMMA culture system will be based on the natural law and demonstrate the corporate philosophy with focus on principles and management theory with focus on brand. It will help the human being realize the dream of higher living quality and kindle our infinite ingenuity so that our company will live up to the best name in the world-EMMA.

We will eradicate our complacency and sentimentality that is harmful to our mental health and be aware of the bright future and challenges to the company.

We will put aside short-term interest and temporary gain and loss that may interfere with our long and wide view and close doors to any short-term activity with a clear view of the long-term goals of our company as well as personal ones.

We will say no to speculation that violates our values but always believe in the farm law that efforts may pay off.

We will conquer hedonism that distorts our philosophy and always believe that working is a need of life but also the source of happiness.

We will get rid of bias in employment and distinction between high and low that obsess our soul and always maintain the relations among people and between employees and the company that are equal and mutual beneficial.

We are firmly convinced that dedication is the fundamental to the safeguard of the common interest of companies, individuals and the society and indolence will be regarded as depravity and ignorance.

We respect the special talent and contributions of everybody and oppose equalitarianism forever.

We respect everybody’s right to work and their working achievements, pursue the policy of “Six Top-Grades” and continuously improve our welfare to maintain at the top in the local region and the industry.

We protect the commercial ecological system and maintain fair relations with our customers, suppliers and all cooperative partners forever.

We believe in the business ethnics of “Customer First” and conduct our business centering on the satisfaction of the basic needs of our customers forever.

We believe in the ethnics of reciprocity and will never forget those who help us, especially when we are in adversity.

We break away from conservative thoughts that obstruct the progress of science and technology and never stop studying, learning and acquiring new technology to apply it to our production and service as fast as possible.

We have firm and clear belief in the importance of quality and will never neglect any link in the chain of product quality. We should demonstrate our quality standard in our physical and cultural environment so as to help form the working habit of dedication and diligence for personnel directly or indirectly related to our products.

We value the working attitude of scrutiny and adhere to the management principle centering on process and management policy that provides system as guideline for our work. We will never be reckless but meticulous.

We treasure the natural resource and wealth of the human kind and oppose waste in any form and of any scale. We regard any meaningful or meaningless waste as a crime.

We are actively pursuing the reasonable relations between the environment of the earth and human civilization and firmly against inefficient utilization of energy. We are making effort to stop the waste in materials, extend the service life of products and take initiatives in using “green” materials.

We take an active part in activities that are aimed to promote the social and political progress and help the weak without any utilitarian purpose.

We attach great importance to the cultural life of human being and try our best to directly or indirectly promote the cultural progress of the human being through a variety of corporate activities.

We will be firmly adhering to the principle of “self-improvement and pursuit of excellence” rather than self-complacency and conventionalism. We must gradually improve our cultural level and economic strength day by day. Only when we lead the industry in terms of production capacity and reputation and lead the world in terms of technology and management can we sustain our businesses that are conducive to the human being and may our EMMA dream come true with our name shining forever

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