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  • Declaration

    1. Always persistent

    We would abandon arrogance and admit that there´re obstacles ahead.

    2. Stay honest

    We will never cheat, honesty is what we will always hold on to.

    3. Mutual respect

    Owners of the company respect the employers and the employers respect the owners.

    We respect every single employer, and treat everyone equally.

    We respect the work of every employer and keep raising the standard for them.

    We maintain fair relationship with our suppliers and our customers.

    We never forget who ever offered favors to us, especially those who helped us when we were in bad shape.

    4. Open-minded

    We never stop studying and with what we learned, we improve the product and service.

    5. Prudent

    We are very prudent with the quality. We make sure every detail is perfect.

    6. Eco-friendly

    We fight against waste at any level. We see waste as a crime.

    We participate in activities that protect the environment. We believe the only way we can grow is respect and cherish the environment.

    7. Pursue better

    We won´t stop pursuing bigger goals. We keep pushing so we can always be better.

    No dejamos de perseguir metas más grandes. Seguimos impulsando así que siempre podemos ser mejores.

    Spirit: strict, enthusiastic, organized, dedicated.

    Idea: Run the company with dignity to make sure it grows healthily, work hard, live happily.

    Principal: We can only survive in the intense global competition with leading techniques, reliable quality, creative product and great service.

    Mission:Crear productos y servicios de mejor calidad. Contribuir a la vida humana y el desarrollo de la sociedad.

    Goal: To build a world class enterprise that are respected and approved by the society.