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  • Policy:

    1. Idea:Grow together with agents

     Emma is seeking long term and stable cooperation, with mutual benefits and common development.

    2. Privilege for exhibition equipments

     Emma offers special privileges for exhibition equipments to support the development of business if the agents would invest.

    3. Technical support

     For the first 3 orders from one same agent, Emma will send a technician to customers facilities to assist agent for installation and training.

    4. Assistance for developing business

     As a strong support, at the beginning of the cooperation, Emma would send salesman to assist agents in exhibition in their market and visiting

    5. Exclusivity

     Every country or region is considered an independent market. Authorization of each market is exclusive so the agents can avoid unhealthy

    6. Experiences in different industries

     Suitcase and handbag:model, quantity, material, working mode

     Shoes:model, quantity, material, working mode

     Car seat:model, quantity, material, working mode

     Furniture:model, quantity, material, working mode

     Small products:model, quantity, material, working mode



    1. Check for vacancy

    2. fill the application

    3. Emma evaluate

    4. Meetings and visits

    5. Discuss the terms

    6. Officially signing