Congratulations to Emma CNC for winning the double awards of footwear industry grand ceremony

High light moment, double honor

Honor, double arrival, Thanksgiving and moving forward - warmly congratulate Emma CNC on winning two awards of "2019 most powerful shoe machine enterprise award" and "2019 shoe making equipment technology innovation award" issued by 2019 China footwear industry grand ceremony.


Since its establishment in 2002, Emma CNC adheres to the digital strategy and realizes the leaping development of "from single machine to system, from product to solution, from automation to intelligence, from Asia to the world". With faith and gratitude, we will march forward together with customers and people from all walks of life to the industrial 4.0 "intelligent manufacturing era"

The global footwear industry future development summit and 2019 China footwear industry grand ceremony hosted by global footwear network was held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province on December 5-06, 2019. With the theme of "intelligence, wisdom and intelligent manufacturing", the festival has set up multiple scene links, specially invited more than 20 industry leaders to elaborate their thinking, practice and guidance on the new trend and new technology of the future development of the international shoemaking industry, and transmitted to the future development trend of the international shoemaking industry through more than 500 industry elites as well as synchronous network live broadcast and post conference reports.

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Dongzhu, chairman of news network, introduced the background of the summit in his welcome speech. He said that China's footwear industry grand ceremony has been successfully held for six times. It is a platform of footwear industry grand event with the mission of "innovation research", "brand exchange" and "industry summary". Every year, it makes in-depth discussion on the development direction, technical trend, important cases, cooperation opportunities, etc. of the footwear industry.

Based on the made in China 2025 plan, the event aims to promote the digital transformation of footwear industry and intelligent production of science and technology enabling industry, absorb the experience of global cutting-edge footwear industry supply chain, invite representatives of international top footwear associations and well-known footwear brands at home and abroad, gather global footwear elites, spin their cocoons in exhibitions, exchanges and learning, and convey every thought A change; every innovation.

Subsequently, the most valuable annual selection result of this grand ceremony was announced. It is reported that a total of 311 enterprises participated in the selection of the shoe industry grand ceremony. After careful discussion by the data synthesis of all parties and the expert advisory group, finally, Emma CNC and other enterprises came back with high reputation and won high recognition in the industry.

Introduction to the summit

[theme of the summit]: intelligence, wisdom and intelligent creation
[summit time]: December 5, 2019 to December 6, 2019
[place of summit]: 3rd floor of Taihe Intercontinental Hotel
[form of summit]: footwear summit, industry exhibition, high-end dinner party, footwear inspection

More than 500 + employees from the footwear industry attended the previous summits, mainly including senior decision-makers and management of enterprises in the footwear industry, including senior executives of Adidas, Nike, new balance, puma, ASICs, Decathlon, Anta, XTEP, lining, peak and other internationally renowned brands of footwear enterprises.

It is estimated that more than 500 footwear related enterprises will participate in the conference, including footwear brand, manufacturer, material supplier, auxiliary material supplier, machinery manufacturer, equipment supplier, new retail, intelligent logistics, intelligent warehousing and other third-party service providers.

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