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Upholstery furniture

Overall smart cutting solutions for upholstery furniture

Customization, auto nesting
Smart cutting, flexible production

From digitizing sample room, auto nesting center, upholstered/artificial material smart cutting solution, leather mass production solution…Choose us, EMMA assist you to get faster, more cost saving, more flexible customized upholstery furniture production mode, break-new-ground.

Upholstery sofa

Customization, auto nesting.Smart cutting, mass customization production mode, single piece flexible production….Two type of cutting tool switchable, upper and lining cutting independently, V punching, marking all-in-one.EMMA—Overall smart cutting solutions for Upholstery sofa manufacturing.

Upholstery sofa

Leather sofa

Data-driven, color recognition, smart monitoring
Smart nesting, auto cutting, data analysis

Faces difficult style and material challenges fearlessly.Multi-styles nesting, saving material, high efficient production, high quality cutting, digiting procedure, automatic alarm.Small batches, multi rounds, single piece flexible production.EMMA Overall smart cutting solutions for Leather sofa—New choice of worldwide Leather sofa manufacturer .

Leather sofa
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